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IN THE MEDIA: Press Coverage of Kaiser Permanente Contract Campaign

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UNAC/UHCP and the Alliance of Health Care Union reached an agreement with  Kaiser Permanente two days before 32,000 health care professionals in Southern California were set to strike.

50,000 Kaiser Permanente workers in California, Oregon and six other states called off a strike notice after reaching a tentative agreement with Kaiser Permanente deal two days before a strike. 


UNAC/UHCP representing Kaiser Permanente workers call off the strike set for Monday, November 15 after reaching a Tentative Deal with Kaiser Permanente. 

UNAC/UHCP, the Alliance of Health Care Unions, and Kaiser Permanente reached a tentative four-year contract agreement after being at the brink of a potential strike. If solidified, the agreement would cover nearly 50,000 KP health care employees across multiple states.

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UNAC/UHCP and the Alliance of Health Care Unions brokered a deal with Kaiser Permanente to avoid a major strike that sends ripples across the healthcare industry over the use of a two-tier wage system that applies wage cuts to newer members.​​


Belinda Redding, RN, spoke to LA Times about the upcoming strike over Kaiser Permanente's dangerous contract proposals. 


Thousands of Kaiser Permanente nurses and health care professional plan to strike on Monday, November 15. 


Kaiser Permanente workers to go on strike Nov. 15, demanding better working conditions. 

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32,000 Kaiser workers are on the verge of a major strike. They plan to go on strike November 15.

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