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We're Fighting For Our Patients

Kaiser Permanente nurses and health care professionals who are UNAC/UHCP members will strike across Southern California starting November 15 to demand the employer invest in patient care. Kaiser has $44.5 billion in reserves but has introduced proposals that overlook chronic staffing shortages and would likely make it harder to recruit — during a nationwide staffing shortage. We’re fighting to:


  • Protect patient care standards

  • Hasten patient access to care

  • Address chronic understaffing and burnout

Everything we’ve fought for in the past 50 years is at stake.

KP continues its narrative of competitors threatening to overtake a health care giant with pop-up clinics and expanding virtual care. The reality is that the employer emerged from the pandemic with at least $44 billion in cash reserves and a healthier outlook than many health care systems.

The real threat is that a new crop of KP leaders have redefined the organization's legacy of partnership, justice, and equity.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

picket shifts

Let us know when you'll join the picket line


  • Across-the-board wage increases— 4% each of the next three years

  • Benefits reflect the value of our exceptional care and service


  • Improvements in economics and working conditions such as staffing that will attract even more dedicated RNs and health care professionals to the KP workforce


  • Robust social justice program, including recognizing the history of African Americans with a new Juneteenth holiday for KP caregivers

Patient Care

  • More Ben Hudnall and education benefits

  • Strong contract that enables us to provide even better patient care and service

Kaiser is Profitable

KP is fiscally strong: KP must invest in safe staffing, patient access to care, staff retention and recruitment, and health equity.

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