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Strike FAQ

Answers  to frequently asked questions about the strike set to begin Monday, November 15, 2021. 

What do I do on Monday, Nov. 15 at 7:00 AM?

If you are working Sunday night, give report at 7:00 AM and walk out with your coworkers . It's OK if it's a little later than 7:00 AM.  If you are NOT working Sunday night, join us on the picket line at 6:30 AM on Monday, Nov. 15 so we're there to greet everyone walking out.

How long are we striking?

We're striking until our demands are met and we've reached a strong agreement for our members to ratify. You should talk to your local union leaders about how long you are able to join us on the strike line.

What happens to my health benefits?

We fully expect KP to keep health benefits intact. KP has never stopped health benefit coverage for striking workers. It would be logistically difficult to do as well as damaging to their public image. If KP decided to halt benefits they are required to provide notice to workers to sign up for COBRA benefits.

Can my manager guilt or pressure me into not striking?

No. If managers guilt or pressure you to work in order to continue patient care you should tell them you are standing with your coworkers to strike for the strong contracts our professions and our patients deserve. Report instances of guilt, pressure, or retaliation to your staff representative.

Will we pay dues while on strike?

Dues are collected based on hours worked for the employer. As long as you are not working, you will not pay dues.

Do we have a strike fund?

No. Many RNs and health care professionals are able to pick up per-diem shifts at non-KP facilities outside the 12 hours per week members are expected to join a picket line. This strike is the short-term sacrifice we must all make together in order to secure a better future for all of us.

I work from home — how can I participate?

Do not clock into work beginning 7:00 AM November 15 until our strike successfully ends. Join a picket line near you 12 hours per week every week of the strike.

What if I work the night shift on Sunday, November 14?

Give report, clock out at 7:00 AM, and walkout with your coworkers.

What if my shift begins at 7:00 AM or later on November 15?

Do not report to work. Join us onthe picket line instead.

Is this an economic or a ULP strike?

Both strikes are protected and you cannot be terminated. Right now, we have given a 10-day notice to the employer that we are striking in order to win the strong contracts our professions and patients deserve and to protest unfair labor practices the employer has committed.

Why are we striking?

It's never been more important to raise standards for HCWs and patients. KP's proposals are dangerous for our professions and our patients -- we're striking to win the contracts we deserve and to protest unfair labor practices conducted by Kaiser.

Can I park at KP or use the bathroom when I'm on the picket line?

No. Once we are on strike we should only use KP facilities as patients.

Can my manager ask if I am striking?

Your manager can and will ask you if you plan to strike. They legally cannot force you to answer, but the best answer is, "I'm standing with my coworkers to strike for our patients and our professions."

Can I get in trouble for striking?

It is illegal for the employer to retaliate against workers for participating in protected concerted activities including striking. Report instances of threats, guilt, or retaliation to your staff representative.

Why aren't we picketing every location?

While we could picket every location, initially we are picketing in strategic locations that put the most public pressure on the employer: Medical Centers and critical MOBs. We will update you of any additional sites.

I live far away from picket locations — how can I participate?

The most important thing every single member can do is to participate in our strike no matter where you work — whether that's in a hospital, clinic, or at home — do not work for KP during our strike.  Organize a carpool with coworkers to join a picket line 12 hours per week every week of the strike.

How many hours per week am I required to work the picket line? 

All UNAC/UHCP members are expected to join a picket line for a minimum of 12 hours per week and strongly encouraged to join us for more.

What if my shift begins before 7:00 AM on November 15?

Report at your start time, give report, clock out at 7:00 AM and walk out with your coworkers.

What if Kaiser Permanente closes my facility on November 15?

You do not need toshow up to the facility.Instead, come to apicket line.

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